Wrestling has been a passion of mine for my entire life. I knew from the moment I stepped foot on a mat that wrestling would be a part of who I am now, as well as my future self. My parents supported me all around the country to enable me to become the best I can be, and I have spent more time on long car or bus rides on occasion than on a mat. After a competitive high school career at both Blair Academy and Bald Eagle Area, I was fortunate enough to earn a two-year, full time, starting spot at the University of Illinois––a top wrestling school in the Big 10. Here, I experienced firsthand how difficult it was to compete with the best in the country. After finally being in a place where I felt I was growing more as a person and athlete than I had ever anticipated, my college career was cut short due to injuries. I suffered 2 labrum tears in each shoulder, and only fully recovered 2 years after surgery where I finished up my collegiate campaign at Cal State Bakersfield. I have experienced much success but just as many failures; in all of those triumphs and downfalls, I have learned valuable lessons that have led me to create the Grant Paswall System of Wrestling.

I put a huge emphasis on my coaching philosophy, which is a multi-dimensional training method including studying, analyzing and training in different ways. I often use video analysis during training sessions to accomplish this and understand the importance of being a student of the sport. This multi-dimensional system is used to foster a subconscious state of mind where all of the hours of training takes over and you are in a zone of complete freedom––a state of mind where you don't have to think twice about what you are doing, you can just flow. This is when you are at your best.

I firmly believe that everything that has happened in my career up to this point has led me to where I am today. I want to emphasize that I understand my job as a coach and mentor is not to simply develop talented and successful athletes but to build and instill good character and good habits. I want to incorporate all of the lessons I have learned from the coaches, mentors, and teammates involved in my career, to help build good people who understand the value of doing the right things in order to achieve your goals in life.

A lot of people say that wrestling prepares you for the world more than anything else. I don't necessarily agree with this but instead have developed my own way of thinking. Wrestling develops the framework to prepare young men for the future within the right circumstances and with the right system. I truly believe that all of my experiences have allowed me to develop the proper system to help any wrestler who comes through this club reach their greatest potential in all aspects of life, and I hope to have you become a part of my journey with GPS Wrestling.